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Rabbinical Council of Victoria


What is the Rabbinical Council?

The RCV’s primary role is in representing Victoria’s congregational rabbis. It aims to foster positive relations with leaders of other communities and to enhance community participation among members of the Jewish community.

The RCV website is a valuable and easy-to-navigate resource for people of all ages and backgrounds seeking to learn more about the Victorian Rabbinate. Whether you are interested in the RCV’s latest activities or would like learn about Judaism, you can find it all on the RCV website.

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It is a profound privilege to have been chosen as the President of the Rabbinical Council of Victoria.


Being nominated for this role was a significant honour.


The RCV is an exceptional organization, comprised of spiritual leaders dedicated to offering inspiration and guidance to their congregations. 


It serves as an invaluable platform for Victoria's Rabbinate to engage in meaningful discussions on key issues related to Rabbinic leadership. This environment fosters camaraderie and provides Rabbis the chance to enhance and promote the Torah's teachings.


I view my role as a sacred duty, focused on leading and inspiring my colleagues towards these vital goals.


Under the RCV’s evolving leadership, its activities have expanded in scale, scope, and relevance. The Council is dynamic and proactive, consistently addressing the trends and emerging needs of its community.


As President, I am deeply humbled by the dedication and contributions of my predecessors and the executive teams with whom I have had the privilege to serve. Their unwavering commitment has ensured that the RCV remains at the forefront of congregational and community leadership and service.


President of RCV


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