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RCV Palliative Care Training

Recently, Rabbis and Rebbetzins of the Rabbinical Council of Victoria (RCV) participated in a training session on Palliative Care with Dr Michelle Gold, Director of Palliative Care Service at Alfred Health. The session, hosted at Caulfield Shule, provided insights into the ethics of end of life care such as; increasing awareness in the medical profession and DHHS, Medicalization of Dying, Death-denying society, leaving a legacy, quality of life and other such moral issue’s relating to palliative care.

Michelle commented “I enjoyed a very stimulating discussion with members of the RCV on the topic of “Palliative Care: the interface between faith and physicians”. A lively and wide ranging discussion was had, covering areas such as food and fluids at the end of life, why people find it hard to talk about death and the value of being able to prepare for the end of life. Ways in which Rabbi’s, doctors and families can work together in the best interests of patients were explored with input from Rabbi Faitel Levin, a leading Halachic authority in this area”.

Rabbi Genende, committee member of the RCV said “The course was both stimulating and challenging. It touched on issues of vital concern not only to rabbis but to so many across our community struggling with the critical questions around dying with dignity, providing compassionate care and respecting our G-d given gift of life.”


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