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Rabbis meet the Premier to Bless the New Year

Senior members of the Rabbinical Council of Victoria (RCV) Executive, met late on Thursday with the Premier of Victoria, the Hon Daniel Andrews MP.

The meeting, a long standing tradition, was an opportunity for the Rabbis to bless the State of Victoria preceding the Jewish New Year.

The meeting was also an opportunity to discuss areas of mutual concern and to thank the Premier for the ongoing support of his office and that of the Office of Multicultural Affairs and Citizenship (OMAC).

The Premier expressed his appreciation of the RCV’s religious leadership in the community and reaffirmed his government's commitment to the safety and security of the local Jewish community and to Israel. Premier Daniel Andrews said “Victoria is a better place thanks to the leadership and contribution of the Jewish Community. It is always a pleasure to meet with the Rabbinical leadership before we head into the High Holy Days. I wish all Jewish people a Shana Tova Umetuka.”

Rabbi Moshe Kahn, Committee Member of the RCV, opened the meeting by sharing a Dvar Torah and connecting the weekly Torah portion to the idea of proactive leadership. Rabbi Ralph Genende recited a special prayer for the welfare of the people of Victoria and across Australia and specifically those that were affected by the floods throughout the week. RCV secretary, Rabbi Elisha Greenbaum, then explained the meaning of the symbolic foods eaten over the Jewish New Year and offered the Premier the opportunity to sample some of the delicacies.

RCV Vice President, Rabbi Rabin presented the Premier with a gift, thanking him and his office for their ongoing support of the RCV. The Premier then delivered an outstanding, off the cuff video message, wishing the entire Jewish community a healthy and sweet New Year.

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