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RCV Rebbetzins Undertake Presentation Skills Training

Rebbetzins of the Rabbinical Council of Victoria (RCV) recently attended multiple training sessions on freeing the natural voice for clear, authentic and effective communication.

These 'Presenting with Presence’ workshops were facilitated by Word of Mouth (Simone Gescheit and Susie Godfrey), professional actors and voice artists. With over 15 years industry experience in voice work, performance and vocal and communication skills training,

Simone and Susie presented an engaging, dynamic and highly practical workshop. Participants were encouraged to discover greater body awareness in order to explore the full potential of their voice and find a communication style that is embodied, present and uniquely their own.

Rebbetzin Menucha Cooper, Rebbetzin Leah Greenbaum, Susie Godfrey,                                    Rebbetzin Rachel Jacks, Rebbetzin Sarah Rabin, Simone Gescheit

Rebbetzin Menucha Cooper, Rebbetzin Leah Greenbaum, Susie Godfrey, Rebbetzin Rachel Jacks, Rebbetzin Sarah Rabin, Simone Gescheit.

Rebbetzin Sarah Rabin who attend the sessions said the workshops were presented exceptionally well. "I am really glad that the RCV is providing the Rebbetzins with important professional development sessions for Rebbetzins. Simone and Susie taught us excellent communication skills and provided us with some amazing techniques on how to present more effectively and confidently. I look forward to utilising these new skills in my role as Rebbetzin."

Simone and Susie commented, "It's been such a privilege working with these courageous and lovely women. Their openness to explore the work made for a safe, creative space, where some profound transformations were able to occur."

The RCV looks forward to promoting further professional development opportunities for the Rebbetzins to explore issues of community, family and self in a professional and supportive environment through forums of open and thought provoking themes relating to women’s leadership and their multi faceted responsibilities in modern orthodoxy.

Rebbetzin Rivki Karnowsky and Simone Gescheit.

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