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Meeting with the Premier to offer a Blessing on the Jewish New Year

Senior members of the Rabbinical Council of Victoria (RCV) Executive, met with the Premier of Victoria, the Hon Daniel Andrews MP.

The meeting, a long standing tradition, was an opportunity for the Rabbis to bless the State of Victoria preceding the Jewish New Year.

Rabbi Greenbaum’s daughter Tsivi said a brief Dvar Torah (words of Torah) based on reaching out to those that are isolated and without family. The reason the RCV committee has brought their family (children) today.

Rabbi Rabin expressed gratitude for Victorian Government’s support in recent times and briefly review the RCV’s work this year thanks to the Premier’s three year agreement of support.

Rabbi Karnowsky invited everyone to enjoy the traditional honey cake and apple in honey and introduced his sons to play the traditional Rosh Hashana song ‘Avinu Malkeinu’ on the cello and violin.

Rabbi Rabin presented the Premier with an inscribed Aboriginal style honey pot and Australian Honey.

Rabbi Moshe Kahn closed the meeting by blowing the traditional shofar ‘ram’s horn’

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