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Questions to ask your Mohel

According to Halacha (Jewish Law) a Mohel (practitioner of traditional circumcision) must be a religious Jew, expertly trained in the procedure and practicing with all appropriate standards of sterility and professionalism.

A mohel is expected to ensure that your child is Jewish and that both parents assent to the procedure. Furthermore, the mohel must confirm that the baby is in appropriate health before the Bris (circumcision), either by personal observation or by consultation with qualified Medical professionals.

It is beyond the current purview of the Rabbinical Council of Victoria to regulate Mohalim, or to recommend in favour or against individual Mohalim. However, while by no means exhaustive, the following is a list of questions that you may consider discussing with the mohel in advance of your son's bris.

  • Is he an observant Jew, according to the precepts of Orthodox Judaism

  • For how many years has he been practicing Mila (circumcision)

  • Where and by whom was he trained

  • How many Brises has he performed

  • How many in the last year(s)

  • What pain-minimisation method does he recommend?

  • How does he sterilise his instruments?

  • The bris procedure; including milah (excising the foreskin) priah (exposing the glans) and metzitza (suction) method that he uses

  • What are the possible risks and complications associated with Bris

  • what is his personal rate of complications

  • There are a variety of commercially available circumcision devices that are forbidden to be used according to Jewish law (such as the Gomco, Plastibell or Bronstein clamp). Does he use a clamp

  • What bandaging method does he use

  • how to access his aftercare instructions

  • How will he be contactable post-bris, both on the day of the procedure and afterwards

  • Does he charge a fixed fee for performing the bris

  • Does he have professional indemnity insurance

We wish you a hearty Mazal Tov and bless you that in the merit of having your son brought into the sacred Covenant of Bris that you and your family should know only happiness, good health and success.

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