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RCV meets with Premier and Leader of Opposition at Pre Rosh Hashana Meetings

The RCV Committee Rabbis and Rebbetzins with the Premier

Senior members of the Rabbinical Council of Victoria (RCV) Executive, met on Thursday afternoon with the Premier of Victoria, the Hon Daniel Andrews MP.

The meeting, a long-standing tradition, was an opportunity for the Rabbis to bless the State of Victoria preceding the Jewish New Year and this year they offered an additional prayer for rain for the drought stricken farmers.

President of the RCV, Rabbi Phillip Heilbrunn OAM, opened the meeting and introduced the RCV executive committee and their wives who then led the proceedings. Rebbetzin Althea Mirvis presented a brief Dvar Torah and Rebbetzin Sarah Rabin expressed gratitude for the Victorian Government’s ongoing support. Rebbetzin Dina Kahn presented the Premier with an inscribed set of Candle Sticks for Mrs Andrews and explained the significance of bringing light into the home.

Meeting participants enjoyed traditional honey cake and apple dipped in honey and the Premier once again expressed his appreciation of the RCV’s religious leadership in the community and reaffirmed his government's commitment to the RCV’s future projects and activities. Premier Andrews stated that "…each year I look forward to catching up with my Rabbinical friends before Rosh Hashanah. We have a proud history of working together, and I look forward to continuing that partnership."

The Premier then delivered an outstanding, off the cuff video message, wishing the entire Jewish community a sweet and happy new year - Shanah Tovah Umetuka and thanked the Jewish Community for their contribution and reaffirmed the importance of the Jewish Community in this multicultural and multifaith State.

Following the meeting with the Premier, the RCV executive committee and their wives met with the Leader of the Opposition, Mathew Guy and David Southwick MP where Rebbetzin Leah Greenbaum presented a Dvar Torah and all enjoyed the New Year delicacies.

Matthew Guy stated “It is an honour to again meet with the Rabbis from the Rabbinic Council of Victoria during this High Holiday period. This is a significant time of the year for the Jewish communities all around the world and a cherished time to spend with family and loved ones in the spirit of reflection and community celebration. I thank the RCV for sharing this blessing with us all and I extend a warm Shana Tova to Victoria’s Jewish community”.

David Southwick added “It is a proud, heart-warming occasion when I can share with my Parliamentary colleagues and the Leader of the Liberal Party the significance of the Jewish holidays for the Jewish people world-wide. Hearing the Shofar being blown in the halls of the Parliament of Victoria and sharing blessings and learnings from our Torah helps build understanding and respect for the Jewish community of Victoria. I thank the RCV for sharing the message of Rosh Hashanah with my colleagues.”

In attendance were:

Rabbi Philip Heilbrunn OAM, President - Caulfield Hebrew Cong, Chief Minister Emeritus, St Kilda Synagogue

Rabbi Daniel, Immediate Past President and Rebbetzin Sarah Rabin - South Caulfield Hebrew Congregation

Rabbi Danny, Co-Vice President and Rebbetzin Althea Mirvis - Mizrachi

Rabbi Moshe, Co-Vice President and Rebbetzin Dina Kahn - Daminyan

Rabbi Shmuel, Treasurer and Rebbetzin Rivki Karnowsky - Elwood Talmud Torah Congregation

Rabbi Yoseph, Secretary and Rebbetzin Rochel Nerenberg – Beit Shlomo Gary Smorgon House

Rabbi Elisha, Committee Member and Rebbetzin Leah Greenbaum – Moorabbin Hebrew Congregation

Mrs Rachel Mihalovich, Executive Director

Rabbi Daniel Rabin presenting a Shofar to Mr David Southwick MP

(Pictured) Rabbi Daniel Rabin presenting a Shofar to Mr David Southwick MP

The RCV committee Rabbis and Rebbetzins with the Hon. Mathew Guy MP and Mr David Southwick MP.

(Pictured) The RCV committee Rabbis and Rebbetzins with the Hon. Mathew Guy MP and Mr David Southwick MP.

(Pictured) Rebbetzin Dina Kahn presenting candlesticks to the Hon Daniel Andrews.

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