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RCV undertakes Tzedek Training on Child Sexual Abuse Disclosure

Lisa Belleli, Dr Michelle Myer, Rabbi Daniel Rabin

Rabbis and Rebbetzins of the RCV attended training facilitated by Tzedek CEO Dr. Michelle Meyer and Trainer, Lisa Belleli and hosted at Caulfield Shule this week.

The practical and relevant training focused on developing the rabbis and rebbetzins’ understanding of the more complex dynamics of child sexual abuse and utilising the shule’s child protection policy. Complex case studies of child sexual abuse were considered and the complexities of the reporting process discussed.

The RCV has been working with Australian Childhood Foundation to implement the Safeguarding Children Program in shules and this training forms part of the ongoing importance that the RCV places on educating and keeping its members informed on matters relating to CSA.

Rabbi Daniel Rabin, President of the RCV, said that the training was excellent and very practical. "It is vital that whilst many of our members have done previous training on these issues that we stay informed of the latest research and information concerning child sexual abuse".

The RCV intends to continue offering ongoing training with Tzedek to ensure that our members are kept up to date and informed in these crucial matters.

Michelle Meyer, CEO of Tzedek, recognises the importance of culturally specific training for Rabbis. Rabbis have a critical role to play in responding to child sexual abuse. The training encouraged Rabbis to consider their role in respect of child safe policies. We also impressed upon them the importance of their role as advocates and role models in the community and the use of their public voice to remove the stigma associated with child sexual abuse.

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